About Us

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Our Purpose

The intent of READ30® will serve as an initiative to encourage community youth in elementary, middle, and high school to read for a minimum of 30-minutes each day of the week. Included in this initiative is the need for parents that’s to include: legal guardians, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and any caregivers responsible for providing any level of care for our youth, to make a commitment when possible to the READ30® program by dedicating their time and talent to this very important education improvement program. The concept behind parent involvement is to allow the parent(s) to become actively involved in the child’s reading experience and in doing so, the parents(s) will become the first line advocate that will not only encourage the child’s increase enjoyment of reading but just as importantly, will be able to know their child’s reading ability through the 30-minute daily interactions during READ30®.

Our Vision

Through program growth, READ30®’s vision is to incorporate the youth reading model in an effort to address the needs of the adults in our community. READ30® understands that there are adults (some of whom may be parents or caregivers of the children in our youth READ30® program) who maybe for years functioning in society however limitedly, never actually aspiring to achieve or accomplish more than they currently have, due to their deficient in their ability to read or inability to read at all. It is the belief and concept of READ30® that multiple doors of opportunities can be opened when a person has the ability to read and understand the world they are living in. New opportunities for jobs, promotions, schools, and training coupled with improved abilities to interact through social norms can also be possible with this capability.

Our Approach

READ30® will have a network of reading improvement specialist, who will be trained in the latest methods proven to bolster reading capabilities in students of all ages. Each READ30® professional and volunteer will have all necessary background checks and will be properly vetted by the READ30® administration to ensure that they not only have the skills necessary to meet the need of America’s most precious resource (our children) but will also embody the spirited that “ALL CHILDREN CAN READ”. It is the belief of foundational principle of READ30® that when a child has mastered the ability and displayed the confidence in his or her capacity to read, other academics areas such as: math, social studies, and even social skills including peer-to -per interaction due to improved self-esteem, which could lead to less behavioral problems in school.